Repair Photos

Broken Brakes

This vehicle had been recently purchased by a customer and was brought to us with a noise in the front while driving.

The first picture is of the brake caliper, which the bolts had loosened up and fallen out. The caliper was grinding on the inside of the front rim.

The brake rotor (the other 2 images), had been worn down through the friction surface, into the cooling fins due to a dragging/stuck caliper. The rotor had worn so much that it broke into 2 separate pieces.

Calipers can drag or become stuck from moisture entering through a damaged dust boot causing corrosion around the caliper piston, or excessive moisture that has contaminated the brake fluid. Brake fluid absorbs water which can cause problems inside the entire braking system as well. Brake fluid should be flushed every few years to keep the system operating properly.

The Loaner Car

These are before and after photos of rust repair on our loaner car. This was the left rear quarter panel and wheel well. The rust had to be cut out and new metal formed and welded in place to repair that areas that rusted out.

Wrecked Ford Ranger

This was work done to a wrecked Ford Ranger, the damage was done after sliding off the road into a dirt embankment.

The first photo is the bent section of frame compared to the straight section removed from a vehicle at a junk yard. The second photo shows complete welding and repairs to the frame.

The right front fender (3rd photo) was straightened to be reused. Luckily the hood, left front fender and a few other parts were acquired from the internet in the correct color and body style so the vehicle didn’t need to be painted afterwards. (Picture was taken before the new front bumper was attached)

The body and framed had been bent 8-10 inches without causing damage to the engine or any major mechanical parts. (4th photo shown below)


Saab 9-5 with oil leaking in coolant

These are some photos showing the replacement of an oil cooler in a 2003 Saab 9-5 that is hidden beneath the intake. The second photo shows the defective cooler out and the third shows the added fittings, hose and Schrader valve to pressurize and test suspect cooler.